The Most Prestigious Resort in Israel

The most prestigious resort in Israel will open under the name: Pereh Hotel this summer, and is located at the historic site: The Customs House, at the foot of the Golan Heights.

About 15 million ILS (excluding construction) was invested in the construction of the new hotel and it covers 8 dunams. In the first phase, 27 suites will be opened (later the hotel will expand to more suites). The hotel is for couples only (no children). The suites are located in 4 different buildings which have preserved the foundations of the historic site of the Upper Customs House.

The hotel offers under one roof a varied and rich menu of activities for its guests: chef restaurant, wine cellar, lounge bar, private banquet room, spa services, swimming pool, orchards and hall for events and conferences.

The Pereh (wild) Hotel as it is called, is a tribute to the spectacular and wild nature of the Golan Heights from which mountain views and breathtaking valleys can be seen. The hotel is located across open spaces and is surrounded by organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees and natural vegetation that promotes an agenda of sustainability, organic and strengthens the local product, along with the original vegetation of the place, since the establishment of the state.

The hotel, designed by Dana Leitsdorf and Tamara Glaser-Shafran, has 27 beautifully designed suites that offer a real dialogue with the nature and history of the resort and provide a magical sense of authenticity. Basalt and natural wood and soak up a layer of coziness, luxury and an inviting atmosphere.

These rooms have been restored from the original building foundations of the French Customs House from 1919, the rooms have 150-year-old wooden floors, round stone walls and high ceilings that give an authentic experience of the 1919 atmosphere. The hotel rooms have a personal balcony.

Management of a Pereh Hotel in the north of the country in partnership with Yishai Malka, one of the owners of the Allegra Hotel in Ein Kerem, and the developers Avi Levy and Yair Bitton.

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