Famous Wineries in the Holy Land

Famous Wineries in the Holy Land

The Holy Land is known as a region that made quality wine ever since Biblical times. The first miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John is the transformation of water into wine at the Wedding at Cana. In fact, the Holy Land is one of the first wine making regions in the world!

Many vineyards stretch across the Holy Land gorgeous landscape.From the Upper Galilee & Golan (north) to Mount Carmel (northern coast) and the Judean Hills & Foothills regions (center). These days there are also vineyards in the Negev (south) and the Central Mountains too!

In the past few years, Israel’s wine and wineries have developed hugely. Today there are about 35 commercial wineries in Israel and 250 boutique wineries producing wines that are reaching global markets and receiving international awards. Accordingly, the country has become a major center on the world wine-making map, producing some 35 million bottles a year.

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