Overseas Travel Bureau (O.T.B) Ltd is an inbound tour operator, located in Jerusalem and specialized in Religious Pilgrimage and group travel to the Holy Land, Jordan and Egypt. O.T.B enjoys over 30 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, catering to thousands of satisfied pilgrims and tourists every year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver your travel aspiration. We aim to ensure that all pilgrims and tourists will be enriched and uplifted by our tours. We work with our operators worldwide to design the best itinerary that mirrors their needs. Our aim is to help you step properly into the historical, cultural and biblical setting of the land.

We welcome all inquiries from tour operators, and we look forward to welcoming your travelers to the land we all call Holy.

Company Profile

Overseas Travel Bureau (O.T.B) LTD is a fully licensed travel agency registered in Israel. O.T.B is a privately owned company. Our main office is located in Jerusalem with associate offices in Amman & Cairo.


Being a family-owned business, we are accustomed to work with customers in a family-like and warm atmosphere. We take care of making you feel at home though miles away.

At O.T.B, there is no standard tour. Each tour is delicately planned to reflect your specific requirements and interests. We look for evocative ideas to not only satisfy but also to delight our clients. We plan each tour to make it your outstanding experience and everlasting memory.
We offer you more than a checklist. Our itineraries are designed with sensibility to leave you enriched and uplifted. Our tour guides are carefully chosen, experienced and multilingual.

At O.T.B, we do not overlook details. A close attention is paid to every component of your tour. We plan it from the marginal to the significant detail.
Our staff is trained to respond promptly to your request. Our policy is to answer all correspondence within one working day.

At O.T.B, we operate on the basis that we are your representative. Our job is to provide your clients with the best value for their money and for you to get the credit. We project your brand and image: we offer a range of options on ways to present your identity. These include different measures from offering a welcome letter and gifts with your logo to providing your clients with surprise extras on your behalf.

O.T.B pride itself that its services, care and professional conduct have made it a serious and well-known player in the tourism market. Choose O.T.B! Let us be your partner in the Holy land and your destination management company.

The Holy land is a mix of cultures, religions, ethnically backgrounds, and national identities we know the people of the land, we can provide you with any cultural experience you are looking for, and assure you a smooth running program in all areas. We understand the Western traveler: We understand the North American and the European culture, and the way business is conducted. We know your needs as tour operator and what standards of services your client is looking for when visiting us.